“Realities of a Still Life”

Here are a few images from my new series, “Realities of a Still Life”. Check out my web page for the whole series. http://www.hejaziphotography.com

The series, “Realities of a Still Life”, explores my fascination with the misconceptions of reality, the beauty of reflections, as well as my interest in still life. I’ve always had an interest in still life paintings and an appreciation for the painters who paint them. There is a beauty to the paintings that I respect and admire, especially because it is not an easy thing to create. I have had a desire to create a series of my own images that encompass the beauty of these paintings by using photography as the medium.  By incorporating items found in still life paintings, light, and milk, I have created a series of images that not only resembles the beauty of early still life paintings, but that plays with the misconceptions of reality.

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2 Responses to “Realities of a Still Life”

  1. silverfox says:

    How did you create these pictures?? They look like paintings, not photographs. They are absolutely stunning!!

  2. style'n says:

    Nice to see you blog. Will check it out to learn more and get inspired!

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