Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend….

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Well, today started as a brainstorming session for an upcoming fine art series…..but I just couldn’t help myself 🙂 Advertisements

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New Series

These are a few images from my newest series. My inspiration comes from Impasto Paintings. I think there is much beauty within the painting technique, as well as the effect it has on the objects being painted. I wanted to apply this idea to my vision while continuing to create series that reference my admiration for different art styles throughout history.

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Blurb Book – “Realities of a Still Life”

This is my latest blurb book, “Realities of a Still Life”

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“For a Moment”

This is a new series about the moments that fade away so quickly before our eyes, but stay in our minds. These images are subtle moments that I saw in front of me and I wanted to capture the quietness and beauty of each. These are pinhole camera photographs taken with my digital camera.

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“Realities of a Still Life”

Here are a few images from my new series, “Realities of a Still Life”. Check out my web page for the whole series.

The series, “Realities of a Still Life”, explores my fascination with the misconceptions of reality, the beauty of reflections, as well as my interest in still life. I’ve always had an interest in still life paintings and an appreciation for the painters who paint them. There is a beauty to the paintings that I respect and admire, especially because it is not an easy thing to create. I have had a desire to create a series of my own images that encompass the beauty of these paintings by using photography as the medium.  By incorporating items found in still life paintings, light, and milk, I have created a series of images that not only resembles the beauty of early still life paintings, but that plays with the misconceptions of reality.

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Happy Holidays

I love the holidays and thought I would share my Christmas tree with everybody!

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Blurb Book

Hey everyone. I should be receiving my first blurb book tomorrow, and below is a 15 page preview of the book This book features my commercial portfolio, and if the book turns out as I hope, I will be making a fine art one as well as a few others!

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